Our history


NEUHÄUSER, an owner-managed company, was set up in Lünen, Germany in 1965 where it still is today. It emerged from its original business segments of mining and tunnel engineering to its present-day corporate group by adding magnetic engineering, conveying materials-handling technology, wind-power energy and plant-oil energy systems to its portfolio. With their headquarters in Lünen (in the German state of North Rhine-Westfalia), all
of the
NEUHÄUSER companies together employ a total of 119 persons (both men and women as per 31st March 2015).


 Milestones of NEUHÄUSER

1965 - Engineer Helmut Neuhäuser set up NEUHÄUSER KG as a mining supplier in Lünen
in the German state of North Rhine-Westfalia
1970 - NEUHÄUSER was set up as Fördertechnik KG (NFT)
1972 - Producing one of the largest 3-roll sheet metal bending machines anywhere in the world
1989 - Taking over Chemaperm’s production programm
  - setting up NEUHÄUSER’s department for magnetic engineering and conveying materials-handling technology
1991 - Taking over Trappe’s programme of pump and drilling machines at the Bochum, Germany
1995 - Jürgen Neuhäuser (BA, MBA) takes on the challenge of managing partner at NEUHÄUSER GmbH
1997 - First wind power station was built
1998 - Taking over Mönninghoff’s underground chain conveyor and hauling technology programm
  - Setting up NEUHÄUSER Magnet- und Fördertechnik GmbH
2000 - Setting up NEUHÄUSER Windtec GmbH
2007 - Setting up NEUHÄUSER Polska Sp.zo.o. in Katowice, Poland
2008 - Setting up NEUHÄUSER s.r.o. in the Czech Republic
2012 - Setting up the production plant NEUHÄUSER Polska Sp.zo.o
2013 - Acquiring Mössinger+Wolter’s drilling machine programme from Bochum, Germany
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