Our philosophy

NEUHÄUSER – a fair partner for achieving mutual success!

  Our mission

NH Mission   Satisfied customers are the cornerstone of our company’s existence. This is the reason why we not only want to keep old customers committed to us. We also want to sign on new customers for our company to guarantee our long-term success. The only way to do this is putting the satisfaction of our present and future customers at the top of our agenda.We promise that:
  • We are committed to progress and fair competition
  • We are truthful about the way we achieve our goals
  • We are dedicated to the well-being and success of all parties

 Our vision

Vision 3   It is our vision to become the number one supplier in all of our present and future business fields to make ourselves the outstanding company in all respects. The hallmark of an exceptional company is total quality permeating through
and going beyond every phase. Achieving this level of total quality means to us not only putting maximum customer satisfaction at the top of our agenda, but also the interests of our employees, investors, suppliers and society at large.


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