The high standard of quality of NEUHÄUSER’s products is documented by our certification in conformity with DIN ENISO 9001.

  NEUHÄUSER sees this award as the basic foundation for continual quality improvements that are a part of our corporate guidelines on the way to total quality.For NEUHÄUSER, total quality management means that the customer is the focus of all corporate decisions. It is the customer’s demands and specifications that are met at NEUHÄUSER as quickly as possible. Flexible and state-of-the-art engineering, qualified consultation with engineers who are given regular advanced training and the expertise of a company steeped in tradition guarantee products that perform their service at a high level of precision all over the world and for years to come.

 NEUHÄUSER’s products are certified and approved for a wide range of markets

Zulassung für Russland Zertifikat für Russland GOST R   Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus

The GOST-R certificates are the critical regulating instruments of the Russian Federation that guarantees conformity of export products with Russian standards of quality and provisions. They are comparable.

Zertifikat Ukraine Zertifikat Ukraine 1   Ukraine

The Ukraine’s regulating regulations for importing foreign products fundamentally equal the provisions of the Russian Federation.

Zertifikat Ukraine 2 Zertifikat Ukraine 3  
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