Armature bore wagon MBW 01

Ankerbohrwagen MBW01

Our bulldozer-led MBW 01 wagon drill with its telescoping drilling arm is designed for anchoring in angular and right-angle routes while the modular structure of the MBW 01 is compatible with various drilling systems.
 Area of application
  • Drilling and setting radial anchors, drilling pipe anchors and quenching anchors
  • Rotary percussive
  • Rotating
 Technical data
 Weight 9 t
 Lenght 7.000 mm
 Wight 1.200 mm
 Height 1.200 mm
 Drive performance 63 KW
 Speed 0,3 m / sec.
 Hill climbing ability 18 gon
 Single/telescoping anchor carriage
 Carriage length 3.500 mm / 2.500 mm
 Effective drilling length 2.400 mm / 1.500 mm
 Carriage weight approx. 480 kg / approx. 700 kg
 Selection of drilling systems
 Rotary percussive hydraulic hammer
 Rotating hydraulic hammer
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