Monorail systems of NEUHÄUSER

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Mines all over the world have achieved a high level of technology in many areas. This is the way into many areas of extraction. A typical example of this development is greater face component loads and increasing material transport.

Material transport systems habe to meet these new challenges.

NEUHÄUSER developed the I140E+N standard profile (DIN 20593) for monorail conveyors in undergraund pit zones more than 50 years ago and it remains the foundation for the I140E+N standard rail system produced and operated by NEUHÄUSER. In response to the burgeoning demands of high-performance mining, NEUHÄUSER has also come up with another monorail system in addition to its I140E+N standard rail system that is at work over thousand of kilometres. This is NEUHÄUSER's I140V+N high-performance rail system that has been successfully used in a wide variety of mines since 1995. This high-performance rail system includes all of the characteristics demanded by mines for unwavering high-performance and safe monorail conveyor material transport with a high-performance diesel trolley.

 Monorail system has the following profiles:

  • NEUHÄUSER I140E+N profile
  • NEUHÄUSER I140V+N profile
There are various rail connections available for both profiles. Monorail sonveyor rails are used for conveyors that are cable-driven or habe their own drive. Furthermore, we have projected roller brackets for mounting cable guide elements (roller bracket holders). The maximum load of a monorail conveyor rail depends on the rail profile, rail lengh and rail connection.

 The rail system consists of:

  • Running rails/straight rails
  • Rail connections
  • Curved elements
  • Special rails
  • Switches
  • Accessories (chains, tension jacks, shackles, curve frames, suspension claws etc.)
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