UNISTAR® material handling equipment

UNISTAR NEUHÄUSER has been supplying transportation systems under the trademark of UNISTAR® for handling materials from the storage area right down to underground since 1965. What’s more, we are constantly adapting our products to the burgeoning demands of this work. Our range of products includes wagons and containers for
transporting liquids, bulk materials, long materials and heavy loads such as safety shields or loading vehicles. They enable you to move containers and pallets developed for this area of application both on forklift trucks and on the monorail conveyor.
We set great store by efficiency and improving both working conditions and occupational safety in all of our products. We work closely with the technical departments in mining and on-site mining staff to provide you with practical transportation systems that have stood the test of time.
 Product range
Transport unit for overlength material Frame for transporting pallets
Roof transport support system for complete units Explosives transport container
Material transport container Supply and disposal container
Bottom discharge wagon Sprocket tipping truck
Open head drum Hydraulic tipping equipment
Fuel container  
Heavy-load transport wagon Material transport wagon
Pallets and containers for transporting diesel trolley motors Flat bed trucks

Material handling equipment

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