Electrohydraulic monorail conveyor

Elektrohydraulische ESB 1Elektrohydraulische ESB 2Tunneltechnik Stromschiene

Material and overburden transport in tunnel engineering with NEUHÄUSER’s monorail conveyor system guarantees fast transport even with larger quantities. Furthermore, the option of concreting the tunnel floor even during tunnel driving saves time and money.

Our electrohydraulic monorail conveyor has been used in the following locations:
  • the North Gotthard Basic Tunnel
  • the open ICE tunnel construction
  • Garching Underground in Garching, Germany

One example: the Nuremberg Underground

Our electrohydraulic monorail conveyor is devised for transporting overburden and concrete by means of a bottom discharge wagon as well as for transporting unit loads.



Tunnel Video

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 The benefits of monorail conveyor over conventional tunnel driving

  • No exhaust emission since the monorail conveyor is operated electrically
  • The horizontal zone is no longer burdened by using the monorail conveyor in contrast to operating dumpers
  • Buffering the advance behind the part-face heading machine by using several transport containers
  • Especially suited to small tunnel cross-sections where it is not possible to install a belt conveyor
  • Effectively saves you time: it simultaneously concretes the bench during tunnel driving
 Technical dates
 Total weight 16 t
 Effective load 10 t
 Lifting equipment drive with electrical chain tension
 Machine drive hydrostatic
 Operating brake hydrostatic
 Rail profile NEUHÄUSER- I140E +N
 Length of the train formation approx. 15 m
 Unloaded speed forwards and backwards from 0-4 m/s
 lLaded speed forwards and backwards from 0-2 m/s
 Ascending gradient 6%
 Operating voltage 400 V  
 Frequency 50 Hz
 Energy feed via insulated contact line
 Control SPS
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