Rail system l140V+N

High-performance rails with the l140V+N profile

Profil l140VN

         This profile is suited to monorail conveyor operation with heavy trolley
loads and frequent utilisation in very inclined routes or with fast transport

NEUHÄUSER’s high-performance l140V+N rail profile has greater loading capacity: boosting the section modulus of the z-axis absorbs the shearing forces from the train formation (shearing forces cannot be changed by distributing the load in the train formation such as with additional trolleys) – this prevents the rail profile from collapsing.

Substantially lower wear and tear: mines report five to six times the service life of NEUHÄUSER’s high-performance l140V+N rail systems over a qualitatively comparable standard l140E+N monorail conveyor rail system.

Greater safety: with sturdy rail connections.

Greater driving comfort: You can also use longer monorail conveyor rails which spells out fewer
rail connections and greater travelling convenience for the driver
Higher maximum load: Since NEUHÄUSER’s high-performance l140V+N rail system is suspended on two branches, a maximum load of as much as 100 kN* can be transferred from the rail connection to expansion.
Lower maintenance costs: Fewer rail maintenance personnel is needed owing to the fact that the stretch of rails is sturdier altogether.
  • Substantially lower equipping and refurbishment work: Muchless equipping and refurbishment work on NEUHÄUSER’s high-performance l140V+N rail system with pending heavy-load transports which means that you can raise the total train load at any time without major time or effort.
  • Positive impact on driving around curves: Greater trolley loads available mean youcan use shorter heavy load beams, which in turn has a positive impact on travelling around curves especially due to less chord formation.
  • No additional stabilisation: Additional stabilisation is no longer necessary except for those provided for in DIN 20629-2 (suspending monorail conveyor rails for self-driven monorail conveyors).
  • Potential for savings: Saving time and labour costs from preparing and bulldozing specific construction heights. Furthermore, you can break down and transport shield expansion into a couple of single components. That makes shield assembly and disassembly frames superfluous which spells out a potential for savings in worktimes and material costs.
 Technical dates 
 Rail length 3.200mm 45kN* max. profile load from one trolley
 Rail length 3.000mm 48kN* max. profile load from one trolley    
 Rail length 2.400mm 60kN* max. profile load from one trolley
 Section modulus Wy = 217,9 cm³/ Wz = 49,4 cm³
 Weight 34,5 kg/m

 * tested against breakage with at least three times the static safety

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