Environmental protection

Our company’s mission statement expresses NEUHÄUSER’s principles for environmental, occupational and corporate protection including our process of continual improvement:

Umweltschutz 2 


  • We comply with all relevant laws, ordinances and requirements for
    environmental management and we are committed to follow them including our environmental policy and programme of environmental protection.


  • We train our employees to have a basic understanding of environmental concerns
    so they can work with an awareness of their responsibility for the ecology.


  • We apply the means we have at hand to preserve our natural resources by
    reducing, avoiding or reusing materials, raw materials and waste.


  • We use safe and ecofriendly technologies for doing our work and carrying
    out production.


  • We support our suppliers and contractual partners in following and complying
    with ecological principles and we expect them to comply with our environmental
    policy. We give preference to suppliers acting in accordance with ecological
    principles bearing our competitive situation in mind.