Engineering and consulting

We have more than 50 years of experience in underground logistics in a wide range of countries all over
the world. If there is one thing this has shown us, it is the fact that even the best product is trouble-free only if it is used what it was designed, correctly installed and operated for.

We would like to pass on this experience to our customers in the form of independent engineering and consulting services.


 1. Defining the transport job and local conditions

    - Providing information for on-site technical and geological conditions
    - Providing information on the loads to be transported
    - Providing technical data for the rail vehicle that is projected or already used

 2. Drawing up performance specifications

    - Assessing the recorded data
    - Providing a detailed calculated of the load situation
    - Defining the requirements made of the monorail conveyor system
    - Outlining tender documents

 3. Planning

    - Selecting the optimum profile base for the rail system of the monorail conveyor
    - Calculating the optimum running rail length
    - Selecting the load of its rail connection elements
    - Planning the course of the stretch of rails
    - Selecting shunts, curved rails and special rails
    - Selecting the accessories needed for safely suspending and anchoring the stretch of rails
    - Summarising in the form of an outline drawing and parts lists for the stretch of rails
    - Formulating a custom-made quotation with a 100% compatibility guarantee for the specific site




 4. Training courses and installation

    - On-site training courses for correctly suspending and operating monorail conveyor systems
    - Contract supervision: practical tips for working underground along with aids, correction and official acceptance
    - Follow-up check at arranged time intervals

 5. 24-hour phone support

    - Expert consultation and assistance from experienced and qualified engineers in your language on the phone or by email