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Architecture & Building industry

For architects, the whole picture matters: aesthetical demands and functionality have to stand side by side. Therefore, deciding upon a wind energy converter as a part of an architectural project often depends on the possibility of their integration into the over-all visual concept.

On the basis of their vertical erection and the specific H-rotor technology, NWT wind power converters are elegant and interesting eye catchers. They can be build either as freestanding converters or be mounted on top of building roofs; in both cases they integrate into the whole.

For each architectural company, to be able to offer a renewable, autarkic power source means to add a valuable option to the service portfolio. It opens up new client groups and communicates a spirit of innovation. And for each architectural project it adds an element of creativity.

Consider to include us in your building plans – especially, if you have so far dismissed the potential of wind power due to aesthetical and residential reasons. For with the NWT H-rotor wind energy converters and their innovative, resident-friendly vertical H-rotor technology, surprising solutions are possible.

Simply contact us for a first overview of the existing possibilities.

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