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NEUHÄUSER wind energy converters - Your advantagesmongolei

1. Low cut-in wind speed efficiency
Thanks to the Neuhäuser LL-Generator (easy-run-generator), our H-rotor wind energy converters generate energy even in case of low cut-in wind speed, as occurring in urban areas and low heights.
Advantage: Even in low-key wind regions and under unstable wind conditions, Neuhäuser wind energy converters warrant an efficient utilisation ratio.

2. Operational noise and vibration reduction
Neuhäuser wind energy converters and their vertical rotor blades operate quietly. Due to its low rotational speed, the H-rotor causes none of the air vibrations typically originating at horizontal rotor blade tips. Otherwise potentially developing noise sources are avoided.
Advantage: Neuhäuser wind energy converters are often suitable for residential environments.

3. Resilience  
Neuhäuser wind energy converters run even under extreme weather conditions and in turbulent wind situations and can be additionally modified to user specifications.
Advantage: Neuhäuser wind energy converters are durable and globally deployable.

4. Low maintenance and long service life
Due to their gearless operation and the relinquishment of many sensitive parts (see chart below), Neuhäuser wind energy converters are very robust and wear resistant.
Advantage: The maintenance and down times of our converters are minimized. Wind energy yield and operating times are optimized, resulting in increased planning reliability.

5. Wind direction independence
Neuhäuser H-rotor blades are constructed to allow an even wind inflow from all sides, resulting in an optimal exploitation of the aerodynamic lift.
Advantage:. Yaw control, measurement of wind direction, pitch- and pod adjustment become dispensable.

6. Suitable for autarkic appliances
Due to their exceptional manageability and their comfortable assembly, the mobile Neuhäuser wind energy converters ( such as the 1 kW converters or the polar bear series ) generate a self-sufficient power supply. Advantage: Location dependable (research) facilities can procure energy independent of local power grids.

7. Visual integration
Vertical H-rotor converters sport a slim and elegant form and a symmetrical alignment.
Advantage: Neuhäuser wind energy converters are architectonically easily assimilated and form a homogeneous unity with other futurable designs.

8. Optimized environmental sustainability
Neuhäuser wind energy converters start without additional excitation and need no oil.
Advantage: Economisation of power usage and optimized eligibility for nature reserves and water courses.

9. New user groups
Due to the specific characteristics of the Neuhäuser wind energy converters their operation in environments hostile to the integration of horizontal wind engines becomes possible.
Advantage: Entirely new ways of reducing energy costs and energy efficiency open up, specifically in the planning and realisation of building projects.​

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