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NEUHÄUSER WindTec - Service portfolio

1. Production and configuration
Our core competence lies in the development and construction of wind energy converters.
Drawing from our long standing experience in special purpose machinery manufacturing targeted at the specific needs of end consumers, we are particularly well equipped to flexibly plan our converters according to the customer’s specific environmental requirements.

2. Analysis and planning
Together with our customers, we analyse their own energy demand and/or their specific power grid integration potential. If required, we analyse their prospective site’s geophysical and wind conditions in cooperation with one of our planning partners. Additionally, we inform on construction and building permits.

3. Financing and budgeting
We connect our clients with profitability analysts and provide overviews concerning project developers and fund providers.

4. Installation and grid integration
We install our converters on-site and attune the grid integration with the local energy provider.

5. Operating service
Our after-installation service is continuously available to you. We advise you on expanding your plants, and keep you informed on all innovations. We can check back on the operating status of the converters and offer remote diagnosis tools. In the unlikely case of an operational fault we assist you as soon as possible.​

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