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Investors & Real estate developers

Recent market research shows an increased interest of prospective buyers regarding the sustainability, environmental properties and operating costs of their realty. This makes the integration of wind energy converters, respectively suitable places for their installation and an adequately designed power feed-in system interesting for real estate investors and builders.
The often encountered problem here though, is the impossibility to integrate vertical wind energy converters into urban environments: they can cause noise development and unacceptable shadows on surrounding areas. Additionally, they are especially in unreliable and changing wind situations not profitable enough.
Here, WindTec wind energy converters can be the ideal alternative in densely populated areas. Our H-rotor technology is especially suited for urban environments, and fits
aesthetically in the surrounding architecture. The converters can be installed directly onto roofs or in a flexible distance to the buildings, just as circumstances demand.
Contact us when you start to plan your building project. Together we will develop a wind power solution that increases the over-all value of your building project, differentiates you positively from your competitors, opens up new client groups and positions your company as environmentally friendly and future-oriented.​

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