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The energy costs of industrial enterprises and trade companies are rising annually. At the same time it becomes necessary to reduce costs in all areas of business. Yet in most firms an actual reduction of power consumption is often simply not viable.

Here the utilisation of wind power – on its own or in combination with other renewable energy sources such as sun or hydrogen – can offer a decisive savings potential.

In the long term, a NWT wind power converter based energy strategy enables not only savings but also a possible independence from local power grids. Nationally as well as internationally this can considerably contribute to an overall increase in company value through the assurance of seamless production processes.

Additionally the specific characteristics of our wind power converters – the vertical H-rotor technology, the easy installation and carefree handling, the minimal maintenance due to the converter’s high stability and endurance – allow the running of industrial plants even in areas without any power grid.

Contact us for a first estimation of the potential wind power may yield for your industrial premises and trade enterprise.

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