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Farming & Agriculture

In farming, renewable power sources are met with increased interest – may they be utilised for supplying autarkic bio-farms by completely replacing fossile power sources or may it be to supplement the local power grid in areas where electricity supply is unreliable and not continuously guaranteed.

Especially farms operating as family businesses are profiting from the long lasting benefits and the financial advantages of wind power. Agricultural compounds can reduce their over-all costs significantly by erecting a NWT wind power converter. And every farm communicates thus its commitment to the reservation of nature in a clearly visible manner.

Even supplying only partitions of the farm reliably via a wind power source - for example the greenhouses - may make a lot of sense. Often, even a small scale converter is a useful investment. For the development aid wind power is often the ideal solution for supplying energy to remote areas or for the electrification of whole farming complexes as autarkic units.

Whether bio farm or agricultural farming complex – simply contact us for more ideas on
your sustainable concept for energy supply.​

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