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Private Use

The general interest in utilising wind energy for the private use– independently of household size or area location - has increased continuously over the last years. Causes are rising electricity tariffs, an increasing environmental awareness and the realisation that everyone can individually contribute to minimizing carbon pollution by exploiting sustainable energy.

Privately used wind energy converters not only convey a clearly visible, inspiring sign for a cleaner future. They are also long-lasting investments of tangible value that are handed down to the next generation together with the property they sustain. Children growing up in households that rely on sustainable energy develop an environmental conscience from the very beginning. Running ones own wind energy converter, and supplying oneself with all the daily power needs, grants an incomparable feeling of autonomy and cost control.  

In spite of this, many property owners are still hesitant to make that investment. Often they are doubtful whether their wind situation is sufficient and if a smooth power feed into the local grid can be guaranteed. The consequences for neighbours and the direct urban environment seem unpredictable, and the building permits as well as the planning efforts disproportionate.

With Neuhäuser WindTec wind power converters and their specific vertical H-rotor  technology many of these problems simply do not arise. In addition, on top of planning and installing your wind power converter, we can help you with all your organisational problems. For we know from many experiences with private users: once their converter is installed, they never want to do without again.

So, simply contact us with all your questions and find out for yourself how easy wind power can be.

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