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Government & Communes

The necessity for governments and communes to invest in renewable energies is obvious: they need to set an example of environmentally friendly action, are expected to adhere to the EU energy standards and regulation, must positively  contribute to their local, environmental situation, increase the attractiveness of their catchment area and optimize their own power expenditures. At the same time the installation and running of wind power converters often lead to conflicts with the population.

We can help integrating those differing interests. The vertical H-rotors of our wind power converters circumvent a lot of the technological problems connected with horizontal wind energy systems. They are easy to integrate in residential areas, look good, are flexible in term of erection and installation, and can generate wind power even in areas habitually considered not windy enough.  
Neuhäuser WindTec wind energy converters can also be utilised in nature reserves and  immediate, urban surroundings. They may be combined with already existing wind park solutions and can thus often be installed without necessitating the exploitation of new plots. Their stable construction and minimal maintenance effect a long-term usage that allows for a reliable consideration of the generated income for the communal budget.

Please contact us and we will develop the best solution for your public power supply situation.

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