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NEUHÄUSER WindTec - The Hybrid-Container solution

The innovative 5 kW and 10 kW Neuhäuser Hybrid-Container solutions offer a completely autarkic, mobile power supply inside a closed, standardised container, thus being especially suitable for the mobile power supply of provision transports, relief organisations and crises regions.
It is delivered as a complete unity in a 20 ft container and can be erected on all plane surfaces without the need for any additional foundation.

After filling the container’s own fundaments, the wind energy converter is being drawn out of the container, propped up and affixed. After attaching the photovoltaic cells, connecting the cables and filling the diesel aggregate, the container is ready-to-operate. All other interconnecting cables inside the container are already installed and connected.

The Neuhäuser Hybrid-Container solution continually supplies 5 kW or 10 kW power respectively.


Complete container solution 
hybrid container lösung1. 10 kW     
2. Tower
3. Generator
4. Rotor
5. Blade
6. Steerage / control system
7. Battery
8. Power inverter
9. Transformer
10. Container 20 ft
11. Fundament
12. Emergency backup generator
13. Photovoltaic cells
14. Solar regulation
15. Ventilation
16. Light
17. Cable circuit  

WIndTec Video