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The NEUHÄUSER WindTec product portfolio encompasses various wind energy converters from1 kW to up to 40kW. All our wind energy converters are based upon the vertical H-rotor technology developed by Neuhäuser WindTec.

Made only from hard-wearing materials, Neuhäuser wind energy converters additionally display a high durability and low maintenance independent of their individual rated power, resulting in a profitable cost-value ratio throughout their life cycle.

Principally, all Neuhäuser wind energy converters allow for grid integration as well as for autarkic power supply. Often, our converters can be seamlessly integrated in existing power circuits. To additionally meet the demand for a constant, grid independent power supply, we have developed our innovative, hybrid container solution.


Produktfamilie der NEUHÄUSER WindTec

Die VATA H-Serie 1 kW - 5 kW   Die NOTOS H-Serie: 40 W
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  Die Hybrid Container Lösung  

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