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 NEUHÄUSER WindTec - The VATA H-seriesvata serie

1. Vata H1 / Polarbär H1 / Dromedar H 600W: our mobile converters

The Vata H1 is available as installable and mobile wind energy converter in two alternative designs. For mobile operations we have developed the Dromedar H 600 W. The Polarbär H1 is designed for expeditions under extreme and cold weather conditions. Both of these are conveniently transportable on vehicles, sledges, animals etc., and can be easily manually reassembled. In combination with the Neuhäuser LL-Generator (easy-run-generator) they react to a cut-in speed as low as 0,5 m/s. As rigid solution, the Vata H1 can for instance be employed in mountain cabins or allotments. Also combinable with photovoltaic cells, it provides 12-V-DC and 220-V-AC power via battery. All Vata H1 converters are easily assembled and installed. They are suited for the empowerment of technical appliances, mobile equipment and light supply.

2. Vata H5: the entry model

The Vata H5 is predominantly designed for power self supply, even though – as with all our Neuhäuser wind energy converters – it can also be integrated in the local power grid. The Vata H5 can already contribute appreciably to the autarkic power self supply of a single family home, thus being of interest to builder-owners, constructors, real estate investors and architects. As supplementing energy source it can be employed by farms and small to medium sized companies. In combination with photovoltaic technology it also offers a complete self-sufficient hybrid solution.The Vata H5 is easy to install, either on roof-tops or with tower, and can thus conveniently be set up on or near by existing buildings.

Please check our technical data sheets for converter specifications and power ratings.
The average energy yield is dependent on the wind conditions as well as the choice of site and the height of the tower or roof.​

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