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More and more schools and learning facilities see themselves confronted with rising costs, and at the same time despite of this, with the obligation assigned to them to be an all day educational institution that is exemplary and interesting.
An NWT wind energy converter can here be the answer to a whole clutch of challenges. It can lower the annual energy costs and, beyond this, make the school an energy-self-sufficient institution – what is interesting especially internationally in areas with unreliable energy net.
At the same time, the use of wind energy is an excellent educationally realizable sign for an environmentally conscious life-style. The power production takes place in a vivid way, and can be incorporated didactically into the curriculum. The money available is clearly invested profitably and future-oriented, and the institution as a whole can serve as a model within the local municipality.
Inform yourselves about a cost-relevant, sustainable application of wind energy. Contact us by email or phone, and, taking into account the local conditions of your institution, we will give you a first impression of your possibilities to revalue your school with a NWT wind energy arrangement.

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