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Commercial use

As entrepreneur you are responsible for the value of your company, its expenditures and – increasingly so - for its social responsibility. To power your company with wind energy via a WindTec wind power converter is an equally ecological as economically expedient investment.

Whether you, your clients or your share holders value a practically implemented corporate social responsibility policy, or whether your business plan necessitates sustainability strategies, to run a wind power converter on the premises of your company is a clearly visible and longstanding sign for your environmental commitment – which on top considerably helps to reduce energy costs.

An investment in wind energy is profitable in three ways. Because of its visual characteristics, its an architectural benefit for your company’s site. As a communication factor, it’s a clear message conveying your company’s contribution to a cleaner environment. And last but never least, the controlling will be able to budget with a remarkable long-term deduction in energy costs.

Let us point you to the specific advantages wind energy may hold for your company
. We will find the adequate solution for every company and all sites – simply contact us directly. A first overview of our service portfolio can be found here.

If you are employed in the building-, energy or business advisers sector and would like to include our wind power solutions in your own portfolio, please get in touch to find out more about cooperation options.​​

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